Hello all, I've seen a few Lady Kay reviews pop up and I thought I'd add in my two cents and share my TER review of her on PERB . Here we go:

The not sex part:

I noticed Ms. Kay's ads on the various local advertisements sites and I had seen very positive reviews of her under her prior name, so I decided that it was finally time to indulge in her sexy body and well-reviewed services. I booked with her via text message and this was a quick, professional, painless and pleasant experience where she provided her incall information. Her incall is easily reachable by transit or by car and she buzzed me in at our agreed upon time. Her incall is a shared incall that I have been to before to see another provider, and it is spacious, well stocked and pleasant. She greeted me at the door in a robe.

The sex part:

Ms. Kay let me to the master bedroom of her incall and provided me with a variety of wardrobe options, I made my pick and she slipped into something more sexy as I showered. As I exited the shower she was definitely wearing something more sexy as I got my first real live glimpse of her super sexy, toned and slender body and her wonderfully enhanced breasts. 

She offered me a massage to start things off which I eagerly accepted. After the massage she got down on her knees by the bed and put my cock in her mouth to give me a nice, properly worshipful blowjob and commented on what a nice thick cock I had which fit in her mouth quite well. We moved on to some 69 and then to me eating out her juicy pussy as she energetically expressed her pleasure but she seems to prefer a softer touch overall. She doesn't seem to be much into kissing, I'd assume it to be a YMMV thing, but she was quite into blowjobs and I enjoyed that aspect of our evening immensely. I finally got to fuck her tight pussy as she rode me out, but alas my penis has no love for condoms so I had to have her put me back in her mouth again to get me hard and I finished on her lovely breasts. And then I drew a cum smiley face on her left breast. Hurray for COB finishes.

After I came all over Ms. Kay's tits she provided me with a lovely assortment of gourmet treats and chatted with me about random things. She comes off as a fun, confident and driven women with a sense of self-assuredness and knowing what she wants. Those qualities are probably the sexiest things about her. Aside from her super hot sexy body of course.

As I was on my way home, Ms. Kay sent me a polite thank you text and I can't wait to see her again and COB again. Until the I hope I can be #textfriends with her.

Hurray for Ms. Kay! 

I started noticing Lady Kay last fall. First it was her hot Avatar which really caught my eye  and then I started noticing her posts which I thought, hmm brains and beauty plus a killer bod; BBB must investigate “soon”. Well, Fall passed, Christmas passed and here we are in a New Year and I still haven’t seen this intriguing young lady.

We started PM’ing recently and checking out each other’s calendars and found we were both sort of busy with other things etc. Then I saw a day when I had some company housekeeping to do and thought I would see if Lady Kay could play that day. Bingo, easy to set up via text and received the in call location information which was already known to me 

There wasn’t a lot of info available about Lady Kay out there on the NET but there have been a few nice reviews here; some more concise than others and some people chiming in that Lady Kay was their new ATF! New ATF? Those are pretty lofty words and I thought damn, she must be one amazing date!

So date time and all is according to schedule and I am buzzed up right away. Opening the door is a tall, slender but with nice curves, shoulder length brunette with a gorgeous face and beaming smile. I could name a super model that looks similar facially but IMHO that would give away too much private information because seriously, you could mistake the two if they were walking down the street in downtown Vancouver.

I enter the condo and we start to banter back and forth which leads me to believe Lady Kay does like to have fun, laugh heartily and above all enjoys really good sex. After my shower I am greeted in her room with some very nice dark chocolate plus a nice glass of Italian red wine the name of which escapes me. I do enjoy a nice red and it is nice to see SP’s who enjoy a bold and flavorful Red wine.  It gives you insight as to the type of man they like to entertain.

Soon my towel is tossed off to the side and soon Lady Kay’s beautiful lingerie is removed to show off her incredibly sexy body. Readily acknowledging her perfect C cups which were upgraded from the stock version a few years back and BBB is saying hey OK these are a beautiful breasts Lady Kay! Embracing while standing we enjoyed a very nice long kiss. YMMV of course – read that as floss, have minty fresh breath and you shall be rewarded. 

Now I have seen a “few” SP’s who give awesome oral whether it be CBJ or BBBJ and clearly Lady Kay is up there with the best of the best. We are both oral people and we savoured each other orally for a very long time. Fortunately, I was able to figure out the right touch, right level of intensity and how direct I could be with Lady Kay. Lady Kay likewise took me in many different ways orally and it was oh so tempting to say “look out babe, I am gonna cum” but I held on and continued to enjoy her oral talents.

With a mirror strategically positioned in the room Lady Kay announced BBB I want to fuck you now. I love this direct approach and told her “your house, your rules babe” so she put on the hat and positioned herself Reverse Cowgirl and rode me like there was no tomorrow. BBB was grabbing on her hips and helping with the motion the whole way . Switching it up and still using the mirror we did a standing doggy which gave me the benefit of viewing her in the mirror plus having Lady Kay in front of me. We then tried out a few moves that Lady Kay had not tried which had some nice results too. It is always fun to try new things right?

I am not a L A S kind of guy but really think about it; here is a 20 something beautiful SP with a long lean body, loves to give and receive orally, likes trying out new positions and loves being touched and also touching you. I can see why so many have chimed in that Lady Kay is their new ATF because she is definitely worthy of that title.

For those into duos,  Lady Kay is Sweet Bree’s duo partner – talk about a dynamic duo Batman!

Lady Kay 90 minutes $$$$$ and I am already planning my next visit